Oppikoppi Announcement.

So today the prices of oppi came down to R749 per ticket. Here is the line up and new announcement. We are as always looking forward to Oppikoppi! Dit gaan mos befok wees!

“The good, the bad and then some Mangoes

Heads up for a big bite of info around the Oppikoppi 2017 edition. Sometimes big mangoes take a little time to ripen. In the background, we were working on one more key headliner for this year’s festival. The bad news is that this will not work out for this year and can only be picked in 2018. Sorry about that guys and girls.

So that was the bad news. The good news is that this allows us to bring down the ticket price considerably for this year’s edition.
The full weekend ticket price was R900, this will now be brought down to R749 for the full weekend. We are also introducing day tickets for the Friday and the Saturday only at R400 per day.*
I.e. a super cost effective 3-day tune driven break away.

Normal price tickets sold already: If you’ve bought a full price ticket already we will send you a cashless voucher for the difference that can be used at the festival.
Please note: Full weekend tickets cannot be exchanged for day tickets, only for the reduced weekend ticket. These reduced-price tickets are available for August and September only.

If still available, tickets will be sold at the gate for R900, but we highly recommend that you don’t take any chances on that.

*All prices exclude ticket fees. These tickets are only on sale whilst stocks last. Full is full. And dust is dust.

** The new ticket prices will also be applicable on the budget mango ticket, pay 50% before the end of Aug and the balance in Sept. This option will only be available until 31 Aug.
*** Admin charges on the cashless reimbursement will be deducted.”

See you in the dust!!!!


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